We are meeting in Fethiye, Kayaköy for the first Temple Arts Festival of Turkey on May, 8-11, 2021

In this festival, we will come together at wonderful rituals, ceremonies, lectures, workshops, and “temple nights” with the participation of facilitators from all over the world.

And besides that, we will explore, learn, have fun, dance, go wild, celebrate, laugh, cry, grow, heal, and above all, hold hands and embrace each other.

This festival will be open to every color of the spectrum, every form of sound, every person, every soul, every prayer, every healing.

Lovers, strangers, prophets, poets, fairies, artists, healers, magicians, witches, musicians, storytellers, nomades, goddesses and gods, and all temple artists will be our guests.

We will be inviting the Divine, all of our allies visible and invisible , our ancestors, the ancestors of the land, the supporting spirits, to join us for guidance, witnessing and service, for friendship, sisterhood  and brotherhood, and for love.


From the very beginning of their existence, humans sought what was beyond matter, the spiritual, and wanted to bring the wisdom they found there into the material world. In this way, they hoped to unravel the mysteries, heal, purify, and find peace. Before the controlling, warrior, organized religions took over the world, they did this by contacting the nature directly, respecting it and being inspired by it. Their motivation was not fear, but love and connection. Beliefs were at peace and interminglable. Respecting the eagle god of the neighboring tribe would not offend the tree goddess of your tribe.

People have discovered that the spiritual is not outside, but inside and that they can only reach it by looking within. But they still discovered tools, developed techniques and systems that would facilitate this inner journey. And similar to the womb where creation and birth take place, they built temples where their spiritual creation and birth would take place. Before the controlling and enforcing male gods dominated the world, almost all of these temples were dedicated to matronly, lovinggoddesses who were the symbols and protectors of the fertile lands, love, sexuality, birth, death and rebirth, arts and aesthetics, everything beautiful and creative. One of the sacred tools used with great respect in these temples was sexual energy.

And now these temples are being reborn. People all over the world are coming together to rebuild these ancient temples. These temples are hosting rituals of mystery and ancient wisdom. 

In this context, Temple is where the inner journey takes place. The whole universe can be a temple, the world can be a temple, the building we are in can be a temple, our house can be a temple, our body can be a temple. It is our intention that determines whether a place is a temple for us or not. And the temple arts are all of what we do in our spiritual journey in the temple.

ISTA is the International School of Temple Arts. It is a mystery school that has helped thousands of people in their spiritual journey, in their transformation, renewal and rebirth with hundreds of trainings and festivals held around the world in the last 10 years.


Thousands of years ago, temple arts were practiced intensely in a large part of Anatolia by the Hittites and in some parts by the Sumerians and Babylonians, and perhaps it was even born in this land.

Now we would love to bring these arts back to Anatolia through the ISTA Temple Arts Festival and rebuild the temples energetically. We intend to connect and absorb the wisdom and values ​​symbolized by the goddesses and gods.

The abundance of Kybele, abundance, the love of Inanna, the compassion of Eleos, the healing and the artistry of Apollo, the connection of Demeter with the earth… Embodying these and much more, embodying their healing, nourishing, and empowering Divine powers is our intention.

In this context, the theme of our festival is “Reconnecting with the Goddesses and Gods of Anatolia and embodying their superpowers”.

Throughout the festival, you will find pieces about many Goddesses and Gods that have existed in Anatolia in the areas, rooms, and everywhere. You will have the opportunity to contact them, to learn about them, maybe to feel them, and even to embody them.


The program will be announced here soon.


The festival will feature two temples dedicated to Kybele, the symbol of abundance and fertility, the patron Goddess of Anatolia, and Inanna, the Sumerian Goddess of Love, sexuality, abundance, and birth, and 3 areas dedicated to 3 Ancient Greek Goddesses and Gods.

These areas will include an emotional support area dedicated to Eleos, the Goddess of mercy, compassion, tolerance, and softness; the main gathering area dedicated to Apollo, the God of music, dance, truth, divination, healing, light, and poetry, and a meeting place for our small groups (pod) dedicated to Demeter, the Goddess of fertility and harvest of the soil.

We will perform the rituals, ceremonies, lectures, workshops, and temple nights at the temples.

We will use the Eleos area for emotional support.

In the main gathering area, we can dance, sit and rest, and have a snack, accompanied by live music.

In the Demeter area, we will be meeting with our own small groups (pod) at certain times.



This list is constantly being updated.


Day by day, small but world famous touristic town of Fethiye is becoming the center of ISTA & Temple Arts events in Turkey. It is not surprising considering the fact that the town is founded with the name Telmessos, Land of Lights and was famous with its oracles during the Lydian era.

With its magnificient nature, sea, bays, sun, tranquility and serenity Fethiye is almost a heaven on earth. Besides, with its historical centers from Tlos Antic Site to Letoon Temple, from Gemile Island to Kayaköy it is carrying the traces of civilizations lived on it from Hittites to Ottomans.

Our venue is at Kayaköy Village which is a settlement for 5000 years. As Greeks and Turks lived in peace for centuries in this village, UNESCO declared Kayaköy as “World Friendship and Peace Village”. On the other hand, suffering of both Greeks who had to migrate to Greece with 1923 population exchange and Turks migrating here from their homes in Thessaloniki is mixed in the air and water of Levissi/Kayaköy. Visiting the abandoned old village it may be possible to witness that and even connect to those people with an open heart.

Our Venue Yeldeğirmeni Bungalow Otel is founded in 2009 and since its foundation it has been hosting uniting, awaeness raising and spiritual workshops. With its very cosy rooms, a wide variety of delicious food, large studios and green dominated atmosphere it is an ideal venue for such events.

The closest airport to the venue is Dalaman International Airport (DLM). It is 56 km away and it takes an hour and a half drive from the airport to the venue.

You can find detailed information about the venue here.


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You can be a part of this festival too!

We will have a stage for musicians and spaces for art to be installed. We’d love to experience your talent, so please share it with us!

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– All sessions at the festival will be in English.

– In order to participate in some events, you will need to have completed ISTA Level 1 training or receive a 2 hours foundations workshop, which will be delivered several times during the festival.

– Some events may include optional nudity and intimate touch. On the other hand, consent, healthy boundaries and healthy communication lie at the heart of all ISTA events. You will always have the right to choose and the facilitators can support you to stay in alignment with your authentic desire.

– This festival has content that has the potential to activate your emotions. Each participant’s process is an individual process happening in a festival space shared with many other participants. A certain level of self-responsibility is required to navigate in the sexual shamanic realm healthily.

– People that suffer from a known and deep-seated trauma, unstable mental states, or a health issue that might be dangerous; are asked to consult with doctors and other professionals regarding their participation in the festival. If you consulted with a professional and got the approval to take part in the festival, please let us know

– No alcoholic beverages will be served and consumption of alcohol and mood-changing substances in the festival area will be strictly prohibited during the festival.

– It is strictly forbidden to use devices with image and sound storage features such as mobile phones and cameras in public areas during the festival. Such equipment can be used in rooms and private areas, provided that they do not record anyone’s image and voice without their consent. Please support everyone respecting this principle, to let them express themselves openly without fear and feel free.

– Professional photographers will take part in the festival. If you do not want to be in the photos and videos, please inform the assistants assigned for this issue until the end of the festival.

– Pets will not be allowed at the festival.